Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas

2017 - 52 MIN

This offbeat, irreverent documentary explores the relationship between the most joyous of Christian holiday celebrations and the Jewish composers who provided most of its soundtrack! Featuring such artists as Steven Page, Dione Taylor, David Wall, Aviva Chernick, Jackie Mason, Bing Crosby, Robert Harris, and an authentic Chinese Lion Dance ensemble.

“So good you want it to last longer than an hour … an arts program with heft and beauty.” - The Globe and Mail


Leslie Caron: The Reluctant Star

016 - 53 MIN

A portrait of the movie legend, who was plucked from a ballet troupe to star alongside Gene Kelly in the Oscar-winning An American in Paris and went on to star in a series of musical and non-musical classics.

“Premiering in An American in Paris, Leslie Caron starred in LiliDaddy Long LegsThe Glass Slipper, the Oscar-winning Gigi, and many others. Like Gigi, Caron ultimately refused to adopt the role she had been groomed for by the studios, keeping a skeptical distance from the Hollywood machine. The Reluctant Star is a sharp, entertaining and engrossing tribute to a true cinema legend.” - 2016 TIFF Lightbox Larry Weinstein Retrospective


The Devil’s Horn

2015 - 86 MIN

The History and the Curse of the Saxophone

“Combined with Adolphe Sax’s too-bizarre-for-fiction-history, The Devil’s Horn is goddamn entertaining, while somehow underscoring the often tragic consequences that befalls anyone foolish enough to be seduced by the sax!****”

Clara's Big Ride.jpg

Clara’s Big Ride

2015 - 42 MIN

Clara Hughes rode her bike 11,000 kilometres for 110 days around Canada to get people talking about mental illness and provides the thread between the stories of young Canadians affected by mental illness: a teacher who has depression, anxiety and panic attacks; a university student who attempted suicide; a community worker in northern Canada trying to prevent youth suicide; a soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder.

"What I like the most about Clara's Big Ride, and what I think people will be very surprised at, is most of it is not actually about riding a bike. It's not about me. It's about ten different stories along the way of predominantly younger Canadians and what their struggle was, what their story is." - Clara Hughes 

Our Man In Tehran.jpg

Our Man in Tehran

2013 - 85 MIN

The true story behind the Oscar-winning film ARGO, told by an array of “witnesses” including Ken Taylor, Canada’s former ambassador to Iran, who hid six Americans in his official residence and obtained counterfeit documents that allowed them to make their dramatic escape from Tehran. 

"Engaging… more entertaining than Argo’s fiction." - The Globe and Mail

The 13th Man.jpg

The 13th Man 

012 - 45 MIN

The Canadian Football League’s most passionate fan base and how it had its heart ripped out during the most infamous moment in CFL history. 

“Weinstein’s documentary is a massive success. It was the most-watched documentary ever on TSN... In total, TSN said, more than 1.5 million viewers across Canada watched...” - The Edmonton Journal